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Consequences of not restoring missing teeth

Modern dentistry offers many options to help restore normal function, speech, comfort, appearance, and health to patients who have missing teeth. As people age and are increasingly affected by trauma that results in the loss of teeth, the need for teeth restoration procedures is greater than ever. It is estimated that 35 million people are missing teeth in one or both jaws.

However, many people do not understand just how important it is to replace missing teeth if they are lost, especially if the missing tooth isn’t readily noticeable when they smile. Here are the consequences of having missing teeth that you should consider if you have lost a tooth.

Your Smile Will Be Affected

If you have missing teeth, your smile will not be as attractive as it was before you lost your teeth. In an effort to cover up your missing tooth, you may find that you are covering your teeth or are avoiding talking or smiling. Naturally, this will begin to affect your daily life as you spend more time worrying about your teeth. It may also begin to affect your confidence, leading others to notice your missing teeth even more.

If you want to feel confident while you are greeting clients, going for a job interview, or spending time with an intimate partner, you need to restore your smile. The longer you wait to do something about your missing teeth, the more your smile is likely to be affected.

Your Facial Appearance Will Change

In addition to your smile, having missing teeth also changes your facial appearance. Your bones and teeth support your facial features. It triggers a process known as resorption, in which the body reabsorbs bone that is no longer being stimulated. Having missing teeth will make your body think that the bone that used to support your teeth is no longer needed.

Over time having missing teeth will cause your face to collapse. Your cheeks will look sunken in and you may appear to be several years older than you actually are. The change in your facial appearance will mean that you will often look sad, even if you aren’t feel sad at all. If you don’t want to trigger the appearance of aging prematurely, then it is a good idea to stop the bone loss right away by replacing your missing teeth.

Your Treatment Costs Will Increase

The longer you wait to restore your missing teeth, the more it may cost to replace them. Over time, the number of procedures that are needed to replace missing teeth increases due to the loss of bone. In cases where the bone has deteriorated substantially, bone grafting procedures are required before dental implants can be placed.

Bone grafts require several months for healing before the dental implant placement can be done. There is also no guarantee that the procedure will be successful in all cases or that additional grafting won’t be required.

In addition, having a single missing tooth can also start to impact the adjacent teeth, causing bone loss, shifting and eventually loosening of the other teeth. As a result, you could have ended up paying for treatment for one tooth, but since you waited to fix the first tooth, there may be other teeth that need to be extracted and replaced as well.

It Will Be More Difficult to Eat

If you do not restore your missing teeth, you may be forced to chew on one side of your mouth. This can result in excessive wear on certain teeth, leading to additional tooth loss. In addition, since you are unable to eat certain foods due to missing teeth, you may also find that you are not able to consume the nutrients that you need to sustain your body.

Fiber-rich vegetables and protein-filled meats may be extremely difficult to eat if you are missing teeth. Simply going without these foods from your diet is not recommended, and vitamin supplements are not the same as obtaining your nutrients from whole foods.

It Will Affect Your Overall Health

Having missing teeth can lead to an increased risk of infection, as well as periodontal (gum) disease. While these conditions may affect only your oral health at first, dangerous infections can spread to other parts of your body, leading serious illness, or even death.

The health-related advantages of restoring your teeth with dental implants are numerous. You can dramatically decrease your risk of periodontal disease, stop decay, and prevent endodontic (root canal) failure. In addition, having all of your teeth will make it much easier for you to consume a proper diet to prevent malnutrition.

It Will Affect Your Quality of Life

While you may be able to make some adjustments to having missing teeth by eating only certain foods at home, what happens when you want to go out to eat with friends? This is just a single example of how having missing teeth will start to compromise your quality of your life.

You should not have to go through life constantly worrying about your teeth and what others think about your smile. You deserve to have a full smile and healthy teeth.

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